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Take the Long Way Round

Classic Cars • Mountain roads


Enjoy North Carolina's Best Mountain Roads

How would you like to drive your classic sports car the way you’ve always wished you could? We’re talking about curvy roads, breathtaking scenery, and a team of support staff at the ready should anything go wrong. 

The only thing that could make a trip like this any better, is to do it with a small group of interesting, like-minded enthusiasts and their amazing cars. 

Join hosts Tim and Margie Suddard, owners of Classic Motorsports magazine, on a journey of spectacular roads and beautiful scenery in and around Highlands, North Carolina. Think of this hub tour as a summer camp for classic car enthusiasts! 

One housekeeping note: Every participant is required to have their cars properly insured according to the laws of the state and/or country of the car’s registration. Please note that some insurance policies may have limitations on mileage or restrict coverage when your car is not parked in a secured garage overnight, driven in road rallies, or while in transit. We recommend that you verify that your car will be covered for a 816-mile organized multi-day rally event that involves hotel parking lots and commercial shipping. If you need insurance or have questions regarding coverage, our insurance sponsor, Chubb, can assist. Chubb can be reached at (866) 227-9648 or at



June 10-15, 2018 



Half-Mile Farm, located in the quaint mountain town of Highlands, North Carolina, will be our home base for the tour. 


The Smoky Mountain Tour route will be posted here once we have it finalized.